Kwintet relies on DB Schenker Logistics for their finished goods distribution

(Berlin/Essen/Gothenburg, February 22, 2012) Kwintet AB, the European market leaderfor professional workwear, has chosen DB Schenker Logistics as its strategiclogistics partner in Sweden.

Kwintet consolidated their warehousing activities from two locations in Swedento a brand new DB Schenker warehouse in Gothenburg. The 25,000 squaremeters warehouse is a multi-customer facility and has been built according tothe Eco warehousing program of DB Schenker.

“This new business is of great importance for us,” says David Hofmann,Manager Business Development, Schenker Logistics AB. “It is a confirmation ofour strategy in the field of fashion logistics. We were able to meet ourcustomers expectations with our efficient and modern warehouse structure, thepowerful warehouse management system, not to forget our logisticscompetence and operational excellence.”

At the new facility, about 40 employees will take care of two million order linesand five million picking units per year.

Bernd Weiler

Spokesperson Transportationand Logistics / International

Tel. +49 (0) 30 297-54020

Fax +49 (0) 30 297-54029

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SOURCE: Submitted by DB Schenker


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