La Palette Rouge implements Fresh Connection business lessons

Leading pallet pool operator La Palette Rouge is returning to compete in SCALA’s Fresh Connection – and this year the company is partnering with the organisers.

Runners-up to Mars in last year’s competition, LPR learned invaluable lessons from the innovative business simulation. So much so that LPR is this year using the competition as a training tool for junior team members and is actively encouraging other businesses to take part.

Jane Gorick, UK Managing Director of LPR, has found that the competition’s focus on communication skills has encouraged staff to interact in new ways.

She says: “SCALA’s Fresh Connection has changed the way LPR team members work with colleagues and, as a result, we are all more open to new ideas. This will help LPR team members to operate within the wider supply chain and has broadened their view on the interdependency of different business areas.”

John Salsbury, Operations Manager of LPR is equally enthusiastic and sees SCALA’s Fresh Connection as a way of broadening the company’s perspective of how the different facets of a manufacturing business work.

He says: “Our team each took a role that was as far removed from our day jobs as possible to make the most of the exercise. As a result of SCALA’s Fresh Connection, LPR has enhanced its Sales and Operations Planning throughout the UK business.”

By investing in the innovative training and business development programme offered by SCALA’S Fresh Connection, as well as taking part in the competition, LPR has improved collaboration and increased efficiency throughout the company.

Many industry giants have used SCALA’s Fresh connection as a trusted training tool, including Mars, Unilever, Innocent, Kimberly Clark, Heinz and Cadbury-Kraft. LPR is keen to communicate its benefits to other companies, hence becoming partners in the 2012 competition.

John Perry, SCALA Managing Director states: “SCALA’s Fresh Connection transforms individual, team and company performance by teaching essential business skills, such as communication, teamwork and strategic thinking, in a real-life environment. We’re extremely pleased how LPR have benefitted from the Competition and look forward to working with them again this year.”

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