LogisticsMatter.com recognized as an “Elite Resource for Logistics”

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

In April of 2010, almost 3 years ago, I decided to start a Twitter account to spread supply chain and logistics news, background stories, and other interesting material that I found on the world wide web. Why? Because I was curious about what would happen if I did. To my surprise, I had hundreds of followers within the first few months. This week I welcomed the 6000th follower to @LogisticsMatter shortly after posting my 14,500th tweet.

The Start of the LogisticsMatter Blog

When my follower count was around 800, I thought: If so many people are interested in my tweets, why not start my own blog and see what happens then. And so I did. In September of 2010, I installed WordPress and launched LogisticsMatter.com. Since the start, I’ve posted around 1900 posts, and thousands have visited to read both the press releases and my own musings. LogisticsMatter has been a Media Partner of great logistics and supply chain events all over Europe and continues to do so.

Elite Resource for Logistics

Another cool thing happened this week. Logisticsdegree.net named LogisticsMatter.com an “Elite Resource for Logistics”. Always nice to receive recognition for what you do.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all my followers on Twitter, Pinterest, and ScoopIt, the people that “Like” the LogisticsMatter Facebook page and “+1” the LogisticsMatter Google+ page, and above all, the people that visit LogisticsMatter.com to read all that I have to write. If you keep coming back, I’ll keep moving forward!

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