Postmaster Launches a Simple, Intelligent API to Help SMBs Optimize and Save on Small Parcel Shipments

From TechStars Cloud, Postmaster Makes Multi-Carrier Integration Easy and Cost-Effective for eCommerce, Retail, Shopping Carts or Anyone that Ships

POST125AUSTIN, TX – March 20, 2013   Postmaster, the only smart and simple way to ship, track and save on small parcel shipping, today announced its public beta launch.  Postmaster is an intelligent, cloud-based platform with an easy-to-integrate API that allows SMBs to save time and money throughout the lifecycle of shipping, from integration to audit.  It currently supports FedEx, UPS and USPS, with regional and international carriers to be added soon.eCommerce continues to see record growth, but one of the more important aspects of business – shipping – continues to be a significant pain point for today’s developers. Postmaster is simple for developers to integrate, and by taking a data-driven approach to shipping and order fulfillment, provides deep insights into shipping for the best rates and maximum efficiency. Additionally, Postmaster passes on useful tools and cost savings to the consumer, and is helping carriers maximize integration time and ROI while reducing the need for customer training and support.

Postmaster Features and Benefits:

  • One easy-to-integrate API for UPS, FedEx and USPS, with regional and international carriers coming soon
  • Real-time shipping cost predictions and comparisons: Save money by automatically determining the most cost-effective carrier for every single package
  • Intelligent routing: Determine the best route and carrier for every package
  • Tracking, reporting and notifications: Let customers know where their package is, and send notifications via SMS, Email or webhooks
  • Address validation: Never ship a package with an incorrect address
  • Service level optimization: Easily track and manage inventory
  • Postage payment support
  • Label certified across all carriers
  • REST API, with client libraries for Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET, Java and Go

“There’s been a ton of innovation around all aspects of retail and eCommerce – payments, storefronts, UX and UI – everything except for shipping logistics,” said Jesse Lovelace, CEO and Co-Founder of Postmaster. “Carrier integration can be extremely cumbersome. Postmaster wants to not only make this process easier than ever before, but by harnessing shipping data and analytics, ensure that every shipment is optimized, routed and billed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

“Postmaster is solving a very real problem that developers face every day,” said Jason Seats of TechStars Cloud. “Shipping is in dire need of disruption, but Postmaster is closing the loop with a smart approach to this very mission critical operation. It benefits its customers, the carriers, as well as consumers with faster, better, more cost effective shipping logistics.”

For more information or to begin optimizing shipments today, please visit Postmaster at, and follow them on Twitter ( and GitHub (

About Postmaster:

Postmaster simplifies and optimizes the small package shipping process, and takes the pain out of integrating with carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS. An intelligent, cloud-based platform for SMBs and eCommerce companies, its simple, RESTful API saves time and money throughout the lifecycle of shipping by providing businesses with real-time shipping cost prediction, intelligent routing and service level optimization, detailed shipment tracking, powerful reporting and auditing tools and more. Postmaster is a TechStars Cloud company based in Austin, TX and was founded in 2012. For more information, visit


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