Logistics in the News – Week 9

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

newspapers150A good friend of mine came by the house yesterday evening. We usually play squash once a week, but his back is injured and I need to take it easy with my knee (try taking it easy when playing squash). We opted for some beers in stead and had great fun with my Sonos. Had been too long since I heard songs from De La Soul, Mc Miker G & DJ Sven, Tone-Loc, King Bee, Vanilla Ice and Deee-Lite. Thanks for the laughs, Jan-Hein. And now on to this weeks nuggets in the news:

European warehouse investment exceeds pre-recession boom

Good news for Logistics in Europe. Warehouse investments are up again and exceeding 2007 levels, which was the peak of the last economic boom. I think the shift towards e-commerce is far from finished, so these numbers will stay like this for the next few years.

How The FAA’s Proposed Drone Rules Will Affect What You Care About

Bad news for Amazon, and all the other companies that were working on delivery concepts using drones in the US. The FAA has installed restrictions which makes it near impossible to deliver any type of package in an efficient and cost effective way using drones. I wonder if the Netherlands will take a forward thinking stand on drones, similar to the decision of the Dutch government to become  front runner when it comes to self driving trucks.

 eft launches annual 3PL Contracting report

For the past 3 years LogisticsMatter has been a Media Partner to many very interesting eft events. eft organizes logistics and supply chain conferences like the 3PL Summit or the Life Science Summit in Europe and the US. They have just released the latest edition of their annual contracting report. Linking back to the topic above I will quote one key finding: 94% of industry executives think drone delivery is inevitable. I agree with them. You can download the report by following the link below.

Tesla is Disrupting More Than Just the Car Business 

Mr Musk is at it again. Everybody knows him as the father of the Tesla, some know him as the inventor of  the Hyperloop concept. After the automotive industry he’s know going after another huge industry: Utilities. He is not only developing increasingly powerful and faster loading batteries for his Tesla cars, but is now working on a battery pack for your home. This would give consumers (and companies alike) the opportunity to store the energy they generate via solar or wind power and decide for themselves when to use it, instead of giving it back to the power grid. Interesting concept, and also one that would be very helpful for people in countries with very unreliable, or even without power grids.

The Logistics Video of the Week is one that gives a good look at the robots at work in one of amazon’s fulfillment center. Operations like this. I can watch them for hours. 🙂


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