Logistics in the News – Week 10

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

newspapers150It was a good week, and a good weekend as well (I know I’m later than usual with the weekly digest). My wife was away for a training this weekend, so it was just me and the twins. Had great fun, but spent quite some time today getting the house back into shape. And the things you eat when you let 7 year old’s decide what’s on the menu…

What caught my eye this week (apart from the news about Crowdsourced Logistics start-up Roadie, which you can read here):

Inside Amazon’s heavy-duty fulfillment center: A ‘perfect symbiosis’ of robots and humans

Ok. This isn’t news, but it is great to watch. Amazon is at the forefront of combining people with robots, and they have been since buying Kiva in 2012.

Kinks in Your Supply Chain? Dealing with Port Congestions & Shutdowns

One of the major stories this past week was the tentative agreement between the PMA and the ILWU in the labor conflict that has been wrecking havoc on businesses dependent on cargo moving through the west coast ports. A lot of interesting articles this week on that subject. If you’ve read these, you will be fully up to speed. Will take some time before the ports are.

And some great pictures. How a bad situation can look good…

Drones still useful in supply chains despite FAA regulations

The drones are not out of the news yet. It was in last week’s overview as well, but there were some new articles this week which were interesting. And as I’m a fan of logistics innovations like drones, here are a few more stories:

3PL Companies, 3D Printing & the Future of Manufacturing

I will round up this week’s overview with some interesting pieces on 3PL’s, logistics and transportation. Several surveys and research reports with interesting outcomes, including an opinion piece on LinkedIn.

The Logistics Video of the Week is one of the biggest container ship in the world. For now, as they still larger ships are being built. I wonder when the biggest ship will actually be built…

Please find Logistics in the News – Week 9 here.

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