Getac F110 Review: Rise to the Challenge of Logistics Environments

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Logistics often presents a harsh environment, posing challenges for humans and their tools. When these tools are laden with electronics and screens, their protection becomes paramount. Enter the realm of rugged devices.

Getac: Masters of Ruggedness

Getac is a company specialising in the manufacturing and selling of rugged devices. For over three decades, they have supplied people from industries working in challenging environments with tablets that users can trust throughout their workday.

A rugged device is designed to endure serious impacts. Instead, you simply pick it up and carry on. These devices are reliable even in challenging weather conditions, like rain, storms, or extreme temperatures.

Review: Getac F110

The team at Getac graciously lent me a device to experience their products’ build quality and performance firsthand. For this review, I delved into the Getac F110.

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The term ‘rugged tablet’ truly embodies this device. It boasts an 11.6-inch screen (1920 x 1080), providing users ample space to operate their software efficiently. The multi-touch screen can be used in split-screen mode, and with its 1000 nits brightness, it remains legible even under direct sunlight.

Running on Windows 11, the tablet is powered by Intel Core processors. The version I am testing has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, allowing swift multitasking. The standard F110 has 256 GB of SSD storage, ensuring durability and speed. If needed, storage can be expanded up to 2 TB. For companies looking for an alternative to Microsoft, Getac also has a range of tablets with Google’s Android operating system, such as the ZX10 and ZX70.

The F110 features an 8-megapixel rear camera for capturing images and a front-facing webcam for video calls and identification. A good camera is essential in a logistics environment. It can take pictures of situations, shipments, or specific goods. It can also scan documents, QR codes, or barcodes, essential in warehouse environments.

For seamless communication, the Getac F110 supports various protocols, including 4G and 5G, Bluetooth, and the latest Wi-Fi 6 iteration, ensuring smooth connectivity even in crowded areas.

Battery life is crucial for such devices. The F110 uses two removable batteries of 2680 mAh each, with an option to upgrade to 2 x 4200 mAh for extended usage. The option to switch batteries ensures the device is always available and not out of commission in some charging stations. This is essential for 24/7 logistics operations.

User Experience

While the specs are impressive, the real test is in the handling. The Getac F110 feels robust and sturdy, reminiscent of a modern tank. Weighing in at 1.52 kg, it’s surprisingly lightweight, given its rugged features.

The tablet offers multiple attachment points for mounting the device on vehicles or other machinery. All ports are securely covered to prevent water ingress. Two large programmable buttons on the side can be customised for quick app access, like the camera. There’s also a port for a physical keyboard, though the on-screen keyboard is quite user-friendly, even with gloves on.

Safety is paramount with the F110. It meets the MIL-STD-810H military grade and holds the IP66 certificate, ensuring resistance to heavy rain and dust. It can withstand falls from up to 1.8 meters, making it a resilient companion for demanding tasks.

The Importance of Rugged Devices in Logistics

In logistics, efficiency and reliability are key. Rugged devices offer several advantages:

  • Durability: They can withstand falls, spills, and extreme conditions, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Efficiency: With long battery life and robust performance, logistics workers can rely on their devices throughout their shifts without interruptions.
  • Safety: Certified to withstand various challenges, these devices ensure that workers can carry out tasks without the risk of device malfunctions.
  • Cost-Effective: While the initial investment might be higher, the longevity and reliability of rugged devices can result in long-term savings.

In conclusion, for logistics operations where the environment can be unpredictable and demanding, rugged devices like the Getac F110 are not just a luxury but a necessity. They empower workers to perform at their best, ensuring the logistics chain remains unbroken and efficient.

All pictures courtesy of Getac

This review was sponsored by Getac

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