Efficiency Unleashed: How Mobile Devices are Revolutionising Logistics

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Does Logistics Matter? Answering YES to the question on this episode is Ken Teese, Director of Sales – Enterprise at Getac. Ken and I spoke about the role of digitalisation in logistics and the impact mobile devices can have on logistics operations.

Logistics in a Connected World

While some parts of the logistics industry still rely on paper forms, most of the industry has moved towards digital communication. The increasing amounts of data are causing challenges and opportunities for logistics companies. With so many people, devices, and machines operating in many different types of environments, the need for connectivity is undeniable. In areas such as ports, many companies use private networks like Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) to ensure device connectivity. This connectivity is important from a business process and a safety and security point of view.

Customised Solutions for a Constantly Changing Environment

No two logistics operations are the same; what works in one may not work in the other. Adaptability and customisation are key components for a successful operation. This means the devices used need to be customisable as well. Having the ability to tailor your devices to your needs increases flexibility and efficiency. In some instances, camera specifications are important, while RFID or barcode scanning is essential in other operations.

Another trend Ken and I discussed was an increase in the use of Android in logistics environments. This seems to align with a trend towards more user-friendly, app-based interfaces, resonating with a younger workforce accustomed to smartphone technology.

The Growing Importance of Data and Connected Devices in an AI-Enabled World

The increased use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will improve logistics operations’ efficiency. Data is key because machines need data to run their models and help humans improve. If you want to learn more about digitalisation, connectivity, rugged devices, and efficient logistics, listen to my conversation with Ken via the player below or wherever you get your podcasts. 👇

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