LogisticsMatter Welcomes Ahlers as New Sponsor

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

I’m pleased to announce that Ahlers has decided to become a sponsor of LogisticsMatter. I’m grateful for their support, as it is not easy to maintain an independent logistics platform without contributions from sponsors.

Ahlers. Solutions Beyond Logistics

Ahlers was founded more than a hundred years ago in one of the biggest ports of Europe, the Port of Antwerp. The family-owned company started as a shipping agency but transformed into a ship management company. They acquired ships for liner services to Finland and later liner services to Russia and Sweden. The company has been growing in both size and services ever since.

Ahlers provides state-of-the-art logistics support in sustainable supply chain management, warehousing, projects & machinery logistics, secured transport, trade logistics, after-sales services, and data analytics.

Sharing Knowledge and a Passion for Logistics

In the remaining months of this year, subject matter experts from various company divisions will share their knowledge on the LogisticsMatter blog and talk to me about how Ahlers supports businesses with trading with and doing business in Russia, China and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Stay tuned for interesting insights on supply chain and logistics solutions and innovations, with a special focus on the eastern regions.

Featured Image credit: Ahlers

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