Agility Launches 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Report Highlights Efforts in Environment and Sustainability, Community, Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics, Employees and Business Ethics

CSR Report Overview

  • Today Agility launched its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.
  • The report reviews Agility’s CSR commitments to date; highlights CSR progress and priorities for the future.
  • Agility has grown from a local warehousing company in Kuwait to a top ten player in the logistics industry that today operates across 100 countries.
  • As Agility has become a truly global player, its social responsibilities have grown in direct proportion to its influence in local economies.

2011 CSR Report Highlights


  • Agility has developed and employed a number of tools to assist customers in determining how to measure and reduce their supply chain operations environmental impact.
  • Agility has established a global program to improve employee awareness about the environment with a view to reducing the company’s environmental impact.
  • Agility is engaged in the global dialogue on the environment, most notably as a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where we participate in various environment related working groups.

Community Involvement

  • Agility has leveraged the passion and local knowledge of its employees to enable them to guide its community investment strategy.
  • Agility has supported over 400 community projects in over 57 countries, reaching an estimated 500,000 people, since 2006.
  • Agility employees led over 130 projects in 2010 alone, focusing primarily on youth and education, health, and eco-volunteering initiatives.

Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics

  • Agility has provided partner organizations with logistics support in 22 emergency response operations over the last five years. This includes major disasters such as the recent Pakistan flooding, Haiti earthquake, Indonesia earthquake, Philippines typhoon and Myanmar cyclone.
  • Agility is part of a dynamic partnership with UPS, TNT and Maersk to assist in global disaster response by deploying rapid response Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs) to assist the UN Global Logistics Cluster in setting up humanitarian supply chains during emergencies.


  • Agility’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct includes strong language around its commitment to employees and fair labor practices.
  • Agility is an employer in emerging markets; over 81% of our workforce is based in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Agility has a diverse and multicultural workforce, with more than 100 nationalities represented.
  • Agility invests heavily in training and development programs for its employees. For instance, its e-learning platform contains 771 courses on 1,923 topics. Through its regional training programs, Agility offers its employees occupational health and safety skills, customer services, sales and marketing training, language courses, team building exercises and management courses.
  • Agility has developed programs that contribute towards safe and healthy work environments. For example, since the foundation of its Driver Training Academy in 2006, Agility has sharply reduced the accident rates and with them, the number of injuries, lost hours, vehicle and cargo damage and late delivery penalties.

Business with Integrity

  • Agility has committed to high standards in its Code of Business Ethics & Conduct.
  • Agility established a global ethics and compliance program reporting to the highest level of the company’s management.
  • Employees completed over 28,000 ethics training sessions between 2008 and 2010.
  • Agility employees are encouraged and empowered to identify and report ethical concerns through systems that include an alert line available to any employee wishing to provide anonymous input.
  • Agility became a signatory of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI).
  • Looking forward, Agility intends on widening and deepening its training program, especially at operational and local levels and will create a strong internal audit program.

CSR Awards and Recognition

Agility has won a number of Corporate Social Responsibility awards including:

  • Green and CSR Award 2010, Vietnam Supply Chain Council
  • Transportation Solution Award 2010, Transport Council of Skane and Blekinge, Sweden
  • Special CSR Award 2010, Arabian Business
  • Best Green Service Provider 2010, Asian Freight and Supply Chain
  • Green Supply Chain Award 2009, Supply Chain Asia
  • CSR Leadership Award 2009, CSR Summit in Dubai
  • CSR National Excellence Award 2009, Pakistan CSR Association
  • CSR Award for the Service Sector 2008, CSR Awards Kuwait

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