UPS CEO: More Global Trade Needed to Bring Down High U.S. Jobless Rate

Davis Urges Political Leaders To Clear Away Barriers to Exports
Phoenix, September 13, 2011 – Speaking to a group of top military, government and industry leaders, Scott Davis, chairman and CEO of UPS and a member of the President’s Export Council, explained that more U.S. exports are needed to create jobs and promote economic growth in the United States, which also can lead to a more stable world. Davis was the keynote speaker yesterday at the National Defense Transportation Association meeting here.

“Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our armed forces, the U.S. is still a military super power,” said Davis. “But when it comes to trade, we are letting other countries move to the forefront.”

Davis acknowledged challenges facing the U.S., including unsustainable federal deficits and the persistently weak job market. But he countered that the solution is “much stronger economic growth fueled by U.S. exports and robust global trade.”

“When trade crosses borders, millions of people see a better future and that makes all of us safer,” Davis commented. “I truly believe we must continue the long march to more trade and prosperity.”

He went on to discuss ways to boost U.S. exports by unleashing global trade constraints, including:

  • Streamline export controls. This would boost U.S. GDP by $64 billion and create about 160,000 manufacturing jobs over the next eight years. “That’s low hanging fruit,” he said.
  • Pass job-creating free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, which he said were “stuck in the mud of partisanship” in Washington.

“We have the means to compete with any country in the world and win, Davis said. “Let’s clear away the barriers to exports, let global commerce shift into high gear and create much needed jobs here at home.”

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