Podcast Episode: Proof of Condition

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

The Does LogisticsMatter Podcast is all about trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics. This episode features Marcel Merkx, the Founder and CEO of Cargosnap. I had a great time at the Cargosnap offices where we recorded the podcast. Thank you, Marcel, for the hospitality, the interesting conversation and the laughs

Podcast recording
Martijn (L) and Marcel (R)

There’s an App for That

Cargosnap is a logistics start-up that aims to optimize supply chains by focusing on a single topic: Proof of Condition. Proof of Condition entails pictures and documents that can be used to document the state of a shipment along every step of the supply chain.

The documenting of this state can be pro-active: the logistics provider takes pictures when a shipment is loaded. Sometimes these pictures are used in reporting to the customer, showing that correct packaging. loading, and stuffing procedures.

The documenting of the state of a shipment can also be re-active: the customer receiving the shipment takes pictures of cargo that is damaged, or it has shifted, making unloading unsafe. These pictures are then used for claims procedures.

Proof of Condition

In this episode of Does Logistics Matter? Marcel explains the importance of Proof of Condition and we talk about how companies can use Proof of Condition to make sure a claim ends up at the right link of the supply chain when something goes wrong, and more important: how Proof of Condition can be used to improve supply chain processes and prevent damages, unsafe conditions, nonconformities, and other disruptions in the supply chain.

Please enjoy my conversation with Marcel Merkx.

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