Logistics Market Snapshot – January Edition

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

GEORGIA125As I stated in my last post: I completely forgot to post the January Snapshot last month. As I like having them all on LogisticsMatter.com and not have one missing, I’m posting the January one anyway. So here goes.

Each month the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics publishes a Logistics Market Snapshot with key Logistics and Supply Chain figures and statistics. Included are several Multimodal, Trucking, Rail, Air, and Ocean Freight Indexes, Industrial Vacancy and Rent Rates and general economic indexes. Please find a few encouraging statistics of this month’s edition below:

January JPEG
Railroad bulk carload freight in December 2014 rose 3.8% from November 2014. Freight traffic in December rose 8.9% from December 2013, the largest year-over-year monthly percentage increase in four years.
(Source: AAR.org)
Intermodal rail traffic in December 2014 was 3.7% higher, year-over-year.  Intermodal loadings have experienced year-over-year gains for 61 straight months. (Source: AAR.org)
The trucking industry workforce increased by 7,300 employees in December.  The trucking workforce increased 3.0% over the previous year. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

U.S. Class 8 truck orders in 2014 totaled 375,000 units, the second-highest order year in history, exceeded only by 2004.

(Source: FTR Associates)
U.S. ocean imports increased 6% in 2014. Total TEUs reached 19.4 million, the highest volume ever.  The Port of Savannah, the fourth-largest port in the U.S. in 2014, increased imports by 17% to 1.36 million TEUs, the largest gain out of the top 10 ports. (Source: Zepol)

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