Logistics in the News – Week 11

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

newspapers150This Thursday I was at the Dutch Logistics Manager of the Year event in Utrecht. It’s nice when logistics talent is celebrated, and that’s what this event is all about. Congratulations to Young Logistics Talent Mario Wopereis of CEVA Logistics, and to Logistics Manager of the Year Edwin Wenink of FloraHolland. Both had inspiring stories to tell about how connecting people is key for logistics improvement. And now on to this week’s highlights in the news.

Arrival of the World’s Largest Container Ship in Rotterdam

As proud citizen of Rotterdam I love reading news items like this. Rotterdam is the largest container port of Europe, and among the largest ports worldwide. And the port is doing well: the Rotterdam Port Authority released its 2014 annual figures this week. Revenue was up 3.1 % to 660 million euros, while profit was down 4.9 % to 215 million euros.

The third article related to this is on how the biggest ships are getting  bigger each month, with the title World’s Largest Container Ship changing hands four times in the last four months. Lower rates are forcing shipping companies to lower costs. Larger ships bring down the costs per container shipped.

eft Launches annual 3PL Selection and Contracting Report

The report represents a thorough analysis of the selection and contracting process of contract logistics from perspective of both logistics service providers and their customers – namely manufacturers and retailers. Some interesting findings in there: 19.2% of Manufacturers and Retails are already using 3D printing in their businesses, and 94% of industry executives think drone delivery is inevitable. eft will discuss this report at the next 3PL Summit of which LogisticsMatter is Media Partner.

Another interesting read on 3PLs, Technology and Innovation comes from the same source, so thanks to Adam Robinson of Cerasis.

The Uber of FreightThe Airbnb for Warehousing. Uber like Logistics at West Coast Ports.

There is an Uber for everything nowadays. And if there isn’t an Uber, there’s an Airbnb. Much hyped terms, but the simple fact is: they make it very clear what kind of concept it is. I’m guilty of this myself (see The Uber of 3D Printing, or The Uberization of Logistics is Now). If you are interested in concepts like this, I recommend reading these:

The Logistics Video of the Week is in line with last week’s edition, but this time the air in stead of the sea. It is a short clip from Discovery Channel of the worlds biggest cargo aircraft: the Antonov 225.

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