FedEx issues fifth edition of Access Now

Magazine highlights optimistic, forward-looking companies helped by fair trade

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 30, 2011— FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), has issued its latest edition of its popular Access Now magazine, bringing the total published to five volumes.  The fifth edition of Access Now takes a look at how businesses, with a little help from FedEx, take advantage of growing international opportunities and live the true meaning of Access.

The unprecedented expansion of Access – to goods, services, ideas and opportunities – is the primary driver that has created profound and positive change across the globe, increasing the market reach of businesses, strengthening their supply chains, facilitating and supporting innovation, and creating opportunities for growth. Access Now helps highlight the stories of a number of diverse companies, who represent Access, showing the impact of fair trade by providing real-life examples that break down the benefits for people through case studies and success stories.
The featured stories in the latest issue include:
·          “Saving Saginaw” looks at the automotive business in Michigan and shows how the Access Effect bridged the gap between 10 percent unemployment and 13 percent unemployment in Saginaw County.
·          “It Might Get Loud” shows how Loudmouth Golf, a global company with only 32 employees and no headquarters, increased revenues by almost 19,000 percent over the last five years.
·          “The Little Guys Just Got Bigger” visits Hopunion LLC, which has built a global business by selling hops (with help from FedEx) to the fastest-growing segment of the beer industry: thousands of small, independent breweries across the globe.
·          “Harvesting Prosperity” profiles Singapore-based Olam International, which has become a major player in the agricultural commodities market by investing in the people and places at the roots of its global supply Chains.
·          An interview with Michael Ducker, COO and President, International, FedEx Express, who discusses optimism in the global economy and how faster, smarter global connections can create opportunity.
“International exposure for a business has never been more important; understanding the importance of trade and accessing the right markets is essential,” said William G. Margaritis, Corporate Vice President, Global Communications and Investor Relations, FedEx Corp. “However, the stories that Access Now tells go beyond that. Bringing to life companies like Loudmouth, Hopunion and Olam International demonstrates the total impact of access, and the real people behind the numbers. Sometimes it is about more than just profits and revenues – it’s about touching and supporting the community, both locally and globally. Access Now allows us to show all the benefits that are gained through Access, which would otherwise never be seen and highlight the incredible contribution and connection people are making every day through their businesses.”
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