Digital Transformation at Port of Rotterdam

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

The Does Logistics Matter? The podcast is all about trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics. This episode features Martijn Thijsen, Head of Digital Strategy and Transformation at Port of Rotterdam.

A Network of Nodes

In a digital world, the supply chains are no longer sequential but become networks of nodes. The Port of Rotterdam is one such node.

The largest European port celebrated its 90th birthday this year, but unlike most 90-year-olds, the Port of Rotterdam is at the forefront of digital developments. The port is solidifying its position as an important digital node in the global network.

Martijn talks about four key phases of digitalisation:

  1. Standards of Data – a digital world is built on data and a common language. A traditional example of the importance of a common language is the depth measured in a port. Until recently, the Netherlands used Nieuw Amsterdams Peil as the standard for depth. Recently the port switched to Approximate Lowest Astronomical Tide (ALAT), an international standard that is much more widely used.
  2. Digital Infrastructure – like in the physical port, a digital port also needs the right infrastructure to enable service built around this infrastructure. The digital port creates the opportunity for new services that increase the efficiency of many operations in the port.
  3. Interoperability – like a common language, it is important that all digital parties in a port can connect and work together.
  4. Services – the port is just a port. Waterways, docks, and other infrastructure. The companies that use the port and its facilities build the services. Like the physical port, the digital port enables the development of these services.

Digital Transformation and the Port of the Future

In this episode, Martijn talks about some great examples of digital innovation in the Port of Rotterdam. We also look back at the history of digital development in the Port, which already started in the eighties! Martijn also looks to the future and talks about some of the digital innovations that we might see in the future.

If you want to know more, listen to this episode the Does Logistics Matter? Podcast, and enjoy my conversation with Martijn Thijsen. You can listen right here through the player below, or click one of the buttons to your favorite podcast app. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes.

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Image credit: Port of Rotterdam, by Leon Willems

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