Start-up Enables Consumers to Tip Parcel Delivery Drivers

Dimitry Vleugel
Dimitry Vleugel

People working in the service economy rely on their salaries and the tips they collect from their customers. Working in a restaurant or shop, collecting a tip is very easy. That is a different story when you are in the parcel delivery business. Most of the time, the driver is not even an employee of the company that sold you the product. For consumers, delivery drivers offer a very valuable service. They make sure you can wear those sneakers today you ordered online. Some delivery drivers go the extra mile to ensure the people on their route get their package. If you could tip them, they would try even harder to ensure you get those new sneakers you ordered online. Start-up Drivr has developed an app to do just that!

Tip Drivers in Your Neighbourhood with Drivr

Drivr is an app that gives a solution to the above-mentioned problem. The tipping platform uses data science to assign drivers to neighbourhoods, so a pool of all the drivers visiting a certain area to deliver their packages. Drivr creates a tipping pool for that area and collects all the contributions from people living in the area. Every month the app will split the money and reward it to the drivers based on the number of deliveries per driver made to that area.

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Screenshot of the app for residents


There are two apps created by Drivr. One app for people who want to tip the driver(s) in their area. The second app is for drivers. They register themselves as drivers in a neighbourhood and can start collecting tips. The service started in the city of Santa Cruz, California, before looking to expand elsewhere in the U.S.

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