The Uberization of Logistics Continues: e-Commerce Deliveries

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

In January, I wrote about Uber’s first steps in the Logistics arena with its launch of UberCARGO in Hong Kong. According to a recent article on re/code, Uber will launch a new service this fall, for which the name is not known yet. Uber is moving into e-Commerce Deliveries, and it is doing so in New York City to start with. It’s joining forces with retailers and e-tailers, and it will provide an express delivery option on these websites/apps.

According to sources re/code talked to, Uber is partnering with retailers and software companies. Bigcommerce and Shopify are rumoured to be among them. These companies have developed software that allows small brick and mortar stores to start online shops. By partnering with these companies, Uber is tapping into a large potential market for its delivery service.

Uber has launched logistics services before. UberCARGO in Hong Kong, for moving a couch or other large object that won’t fit your car, UberRUSH in New York City, for sending smaller items like documents, or dry cleaning delivered by messenger, and UberEATS, for delivery of a meal in under 10 minutes. I found some articles on UberFRESH as well, a service for delivering lunch, but I can’t seem to find an actual UberFRESH site. Read about UberFRESH here.

Uber has a huge amount of drivers working for them, which they can leverage for various vehicle-related services. None of these is as big as the main Uber taxi service, but Uber is growing in these markets. Will we see a real Uberization of Logistics? I don’t know, but they seem well on their way…

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