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a Guest Author
a Guest Author

If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that disruptions are inevitable. Logistics leaders know that more than anyone

There are the disruptions you know about and try to prepare for: truck driver shortages, limited warehouse space, port congestion, and sustainability regulations.

And there are the disruptions that flare up out of nowhere: earthquakes, strikes, riots.

Logistics leaders need to be two steps ahead of every obstacle. Because disruptions may be inevitable – but they don’t have to be critical. 

With the right solutions in place, you can increase visibility to drive accurate, real-time decision-making. So, as more obstacles are thrown in your path, you have the ability to find alternative routes.

At Reuters Events Supply Chain Europe 2023 (Brussels, 24-25th October), you will discover how digitalisation across logistics will create the visibility you need to drive accurate decision-making across the end-to-end supply chain.

We are gathering 400 senior supply chain leaders from Europe’s top retailers, manufacturers and transportation providers to explore pivotal solutions to 2023’s key challenges. 

Through in-depth case studies, interactive workshops and explorative networking opportunities, you will learn the facts and meet the partners that will help optimize your operations and de-risk your supply chain.

Download the brochure for Reuters Events: Supply Chain Europe 2023

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Industry leaders driving accurate decision making:

  • Sandeep Desai, Chief Product Supply Chain Officer, Unilever
  • Evan Norton, Vice President Operations and Supply Chain Eastern Europe, PepsiCo
  • Gregor Dudek, Senior Vice President Group Supply Chain, Electrolux
  • Marco Barreira, Vice President Global Manufacturing, Bayer
  • Wilhelm Kerl, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Amer Sports
  • Gladis Araujo, Vice President of Global Quality Systems and Supply Chain, Mattel
  • Alberto Lupano, Senior Vice President, Group Supply Services Transformation, Reckitt

An agenda focused on transparency and precision:

  • Bypass logistics bottlenecks: utilising your digital infrastructure for enhanced tracking and visibility
  • Exploring future logistics opportunities: Remote driving and autonomous vehicles
  • Sustainability in logistics: A generational problem. An industry-defining opportunity

Read the full agenda and prepare for digitalisation – Download the brochure

It is time to move from ideas to implementation. Join us in Brussels this October (24-25th) at Europe’s most senior supply chain conference and discover the solutions that will help you build a disruption-proof logistics operation.

Author Bio

Hew Rous-Eyre is the Global Project Director for Reuters Events: Supply Chain Europe 2023.

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