DB Schenker Logistics provides customized supply solution for VW Amarok production line

New logistics hall in vendors’ park for VW Nutzfahrzeuge in Hanover •Just in sequence production logistics

DBSCHENKER125(Berlin/Hanover/Essen, April 19, 2012) April 19 saw the opening of a new logistics hallby DB Schenker Logistics in Hanover-Stöcken. As of mid-2012, the Amarokpick-up will be leaving the assembly belts of the neighboring VolkswagenNutzfahrzeuge commercial vehicle production plant. With a floor space of 7,000square meters, the new hall brings the total area of Schenker Deutschland AG’svendors’ park for VW Nutzfahrzeuge up to 24,000 square meters. The new halloffers space for a dozen additional vendors in the automotive sector.

DB Schenker receives and stores modules from some 20 vendors in thevendors’ park, and provides value-added services such as the assembly ofindividual components for VW Nutzfahrzeuge. Material delivery is then made‘just in sequence’ right to the automotive manufacturer’s assembly belt. DBSchenker uses state-of-the-art storage and order-picking technologies in orderto meet the very precise production time schedule, while keeping warehousecosts to a minimum. A warehouse management system ensures customizedsupplies to the production line.

The fully-automated small parts store contains some 2,500 differentcomponents. An article enters or leaves the store every seven seconds. ‘Pick byvoice’ technology is one of the means by which DB Schenker ensures accurate,error-free order picking in Hanover.

Vendors also profit from the vendors’ park for VW Nutzfahrzeuge: It allows themto finish their goods directly on VW premises. They also benefit from DBSchenker’s storage capacity, the expertise of its staff and the full range of ITservices – which dispenses with the need for their own on-site infrastructure.

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