The 30-Minute Zero-Emission Container Transportation Alternative to the Panama Canal

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

The Does Logistics Matter? Podcast is all about trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics. This episode features Byron Bennett, CEO at Zergratran.

New Green Shipping Corridor

Last month I met Byron Bennett, the CEO of Zergratran, which is short for Zero Gravity Transportation. This month is my first month as Head of Content for Zergratran, but before I joined Byron on his journey to create a green shipping corridor across South America, I sat down with him to talk to him about the 80-mile tunnel he wants to dig through Northern Colombia.

Byron talks bout:

  • The current challenges in ocean freight and the bottlenecks in the global trade flows
  • Why we need an alternative, or better said, additional shipping route next to the Panama Canal
  • How his passion for magnetic levitation and optimising supply chains come together in this project
  • The two new fully automated ports Zergratran wants to build on both sides of Colombia

Zero Gravity AND Zero Emission Transportation

In this episode, Byron explains some of the major inefficiencies in global shipping and how ships sail many more miles than necessary. The Zergratran solution to this is two new ports in Northern Columbia. One on the Atlantic Side and one on the Pacific side, connected with a tunnel

If you want to know more about how Byron will transport containers across the South American continent in under 30 minutes and what this will mean for world trade, global supply chains, the environment, and the region, listen to this episode of the Does Logistics Matter? Podcast.

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