Supply Chain and Mobile Technology: the Subway Shop

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Supply Chain is all about getting your product to the right place at the right time. The movie below shows a brilliant example of how a combination of Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Mobile Technology can work together to enhance customer satisfaction.

Grocery Shopping at Your Subway Stop

There is a daily need for groceries, whether you shop daily, or once a week, and let’s face it: it’s usually nothing but a hassle. Tesco’s new way of grocery shopping combines two unnecessary evils: grocery shopping and waiting for public transportation:


Looking at how this is set up, I think most people will not do their once a week shopping this way. With groceries delivered the same day, you would buy for today, and maybe tomorrow. In the short term, this project will have raised the daily number of orders to be picked, packed, and shipped, with a limited number of lines.  Once used to ordering a small quantity at a subway station, doing the weekly grocery shopping on the internet, is just a small step. In the case of Tesco this is exactly what happened and sales soared. Without a scalable distribution network, this project would have failed miserably.

I wonder what’s next? Shopping for clothes in elevators with augmented reality mirrors to try everything on?

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