Penske Logistics Joins Green Freight Europe to Help Reduce Transport Emissions

PENSKE125ROOSENDAAL (The Netherlands), July 16, 2013 – Penske Logistics announced it has joined Green Freight Europe, a program aiming to reduce emissions of CO2 caused by European road transport. Together with shippers and carriers, Penske Logistics will be closely involved in the development of a European standard for monitoring and reporting carbon emissions in logistics.

Penske Logistics is among the first ‘lead logistics’ companies of its kind to join the program. In Europe, Penske Logistics does not operate its own truck fleet. Rather, Penske provides ‘lead logistics’ solutions to manage third-party trucking carriers via technologies and engineering expertise that maximizes road transport efficiency and reduces costs for shippers. Some in the logistics industry refer to this as a 4PL. 

Global standard for monitoring CO2 emissions

GFEGreen Freight Europe seeks to improve the environmental performance of road freight transport. The program was launched last year. The goal is to reach an agreement on an unambiguous standard for monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions. A platform that offers a simple method of comparing suppliers was established to assist in the procurement of transportation services. The program also brings shippers and carriers to the table in order to refine the process of monitoring. Finally, Green Freight Europe wants to develop a certification system for partners in the program.

“It’s good to have this 4PL provider on board,” says Freek Boele of Green Freight Europe. “The diversity of companies in our partner list shows that we are widely supported in the logistics sector. We focus on Europe, but we aim to accomplish an international platform for measuring and reducing CO2 emission in road freight transport and a global standard for assessing the carbon footprint. Penske Logistics is also a partner of our American sister organization, SmartWay, making the company an important linking pin between the initiatives on both continents.”

“Reducing carbon footprint is high on the agenda of our clients,” says Piet Zoutendijk, managing director for Penske Logistics in Europe. “In order to counsel and support them on this topic as well, we choose to go beyond just following the developments. Instead we are playing an active role in improving sustainability in logistics. We have been doing this as a partner of SmartWay in the U.S. since 2009. And, by joining Green Freight we are now expressly doing so in Europe. We are confident the number of partners will grow steadily.”

About Penske Logistics

Penske Logistics designs, plans and executes smart and innovative supply chain solutions. The company connects partners in logistic networks and exceeds in Transport Management (4PL control tower), Distribution Center Management and Freight Forwarding. Penske Logistics Europe provides services to various industries, especially pharmaceutical, healthcare and diversified industrial companies and the automotive and chemical sector.

Penske Logistics has operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia and provides supply chain management and logistics services to major industrial and consumer companies throughout the world. To learn more about Penske’s products and services please visit


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SOURCE: Submitted by Penske Logistics


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