Launch of Ziegler Logistics in China and Hong Kong as per 1st January 2013

ZIEGLER125Since 2007 the Ziegler network had expanded its footprint in China and Hong Kong by investing in a very well reputed logistics provider : Simba Logistics in Hong Kong with 11 Chinese offices :



Chongqing      CKG
Dalian              DLC
Fuzhou             FOC
Hong Kong      HKG
Nanjing           NKG
Ningbo             NGB
Qingdao           TAO
Shanghai        SHA
Shenzen           SZN
Tianjin            TSN
Xiamen           XMN

Five years later, Simba teams are fully ready to launch Ziegler Logistics in HK and China, as from 1st January 2013.

Apart from the name change, there will be no other change.

A few of immediate advantages for Simba of being Ziegler include :

an immediate and larger set of resources at their disposal, not to mention years of experience; a brand name that makes the difference the reinforcement of the Ziegler Network immediate access to Ziegler IT infrastructure

For sure, it is a new step in the spreading up of the Ziegler flag around the world.


11 own offices in China

Xiamen Fuzhou
Guangzhou Kong
Hong Kong


Simba Logistics in Hong Hong and China has been member of the Ziegler network since 2007.

Ziegler is a Brussels-based International Logistics Group, with extensive operations in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Morocco and South Africa. In 2011, their turnover was EUR 1.2BN and they employ 3545 people across their operations. For more information on Ziegler Group, you may visit their website

To reflect the ownership of Simba and to strengthen the Ziegler identity, we will change our name effective 1st January 2013 to the following :
Hong Kong
Ziegler Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd
Ziegler Logistics (Shanghai) Ltd

I would emphasise that only the name of the Company will change. Everything else will remain the same, including Offices, staff, systems, etc. E-mail addresses will be amended to reflect the Ziegler Name but any messages sent to the Simbalogistics domain will be automatically forwarded to the new e-mail addresses.

Effective 1st January 2013, payments should be made in the name of Ziegler Logistics for all invoices, irrespective of whether the invoice has been raised in the name of Simba Logistics or Ziegler Logistics.

Yours faithfully,
David Lacey

Chief Executive Officer
ZIEGLER Logistics Ltd Hong Kong – China



Full range of sea freight services in terms of freight types, locations and consignment sizes.
The range of freight types can be as diverse as containers, refrigirated cargo PNG/LPG, bulk solids and liquids, hazardous materials. We can also deal with special cargos, including machinery, vehicles, construction equipment and hardware

Departures : daily to/from all main seaports
Transit time : port to port 27/33 days
Customs : full documentation service and customs clearance of consignments for export and import


Reliable, regardless of the collection and delivery points, the size of the shipment, or any other special considerations.
Departures : daily to/from all main airports
Transit time : door to door 5 /8 days
Customs : full documentation service and customs clearance of consignments for export and import


Offering not just a secure storage area, but also a range of ‘value added’ services for both one-off consignments and large ongoing contracts

SOURCE: Submitted by Ziegler Logistics

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