DB Schenker Logistics: a “SuperGreen” partner

EU SuperGreen project promotes eco-friendly developments in European logistics industry

DBSCHENKER125Berlin/Essen/Gothenburg, January 11, 2013) Companies and institutions involved in the EU’s SuperGreen project showcased their results at the final plenary workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, today. DB Schenker is a partner of the project, which seeks to make European freight logistics more environmentally friendly.

As part of the project, which began in 2009, 22 partners selected nine strategic transportation routes in Europe to analyze their infrastructure, identify bottlenecks and research planned information and communication technology and intermodal transportation options. Indicators were developed to show the effects of the infrastructure elements and make it possible to compare the routes in terms of emissions (greenhouse gases and pollutants), cost, delivery times and flexibility. Additional research questions will help generate ideas for how routes can be used more sustainably for inner- and trans-European traffic.

As a SuperGreen partner, DB Schenker Logistics was involved in a variety of subprojects, where it drew on its experience from its own innovations, including the Trans-Eurasia rail route, the DB SCHENKERsmartbox to make container shipping more secure, and the EcotransIT World emissions calculator.

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