Giant Plane vs. Giant Ship – How to Get Your Cargo Across?

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Those of you that have been following and @LogisticsMatter for a longer time know that I absolutely love Infographics. I’ve been collecting them on Pinterest for quite some time. It’s a great way of getting information across in an entertaining and informative way. I don’t have (or make) the time anymore to play around with Photoshop as much as I did, but I would love to create one myself some time. Still thinking about the right subject, and then… who knows 🙂

Cargo-carrying Behemoths

Today I came across a nice infographic on two cargo-carrying behemoths. One is the king of the ocean, and the other is the king of the air when it comes to hauling freight. When you need speed (and don’t mind the relatively high cost), you obviously ship your goods by air, and when you have the time, you ship your goods by ocean. With the difference in cost and lead time, these two giants are not direct adversaries, but it’s nice to see them compared this way. Besides that, the infographic gives some insight into Freight, Trade, and the UK economy. See for yourself. Clicking the image will show it full size…


  Please find the original here.

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