Emerging Technologies That Will Impact Logistics

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

I have said it before, and I will repeat it. I love Infographics. Good ones that are.

Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of Logistics

The global logistics market is estimated to be worth about $4 trillion… The global transportation services market is the fastest growing sector with 7% annual growth since 2011.

With a market that size, there will always be parties developing innovations and technologies to grab a piece of the enormous logistics pie. I’ve discussed many of these innovations and technologies on LogisticsMatter. Please find links to some of these posts below.

3D Printing

UPS made 3D printing services available for startups and small businesses in their UPS stores in 2013 already. And amazon patented an Uber-like concept that involved 3D printing.

UAVs (or Drones)

Amazon is also an active participant in this category. The first accounts of amazon drones are from 2013. Since then, they have patented drone-related technology that would enable a ship-to person system (as opposed to the ship-to address), and in November, they revealed a new version of their amazon prime drone. If you’d like to read more (or watch the videos) on drones, then do check out the post about Boeing patenting a drone that can fly forever and the post about 5 drone delivery concepts perfect for the weekend.

Driverless Vehicles

Google may be the best-known company working on driverless vehicles. They have been testing on public roads recently, and I’m sure it will not take long before we see the first government (not sure which one, though) approved driverless vehicles on the streets. The next step would be self-driving trucks. As they are bigger and thus cause more potentially lethal damage when things go wrong, this will take more time than smaller vehicles carrying people. I’m proud to say that the Dutch government announced in January of last year that the Netherlands will be a testing ground for self-driving trucks. Two weeks after that, They did the first test. It will have a major impact on trucking.

The Infographic

Please find the Infographic below. I want to thank Robert Memery of 2Flow, for sending it to me to share with you.

Click for a Larger Image
Click for a Larger Image

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