DHL Supply Chain introduces standardized warehouse management system globally

Supports design and implementation of simplified and cost-effective supply chain solutions

Bonn / Atlanta, 12/13/2011, 01:00 PM CET

DHL warehouse management

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DHL provides the highest levels of visibility and collaboration throughout its customers’ global supply chains.

DHL Supply Chain is currently introducing a standardized warehouse management system across its operations globally to further improve accuracy and individual product availability for its customers.

RedPrairie Corporation, a global supply chain and retail technology provider, will deliver the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Workforce Management (WFM) tools that will help improve DHL customers’ service levels by providing a more simplified and cost effective approach to implementing the systems with supply chain customers. The new deal expands upon an initial global framework agreement between the two companies.

Unique value

“DHL’s expertise in designing and operating innovative supply chain solutions, together with utilizing RedPrairie’s quality tools, is bringing unique value to our customers across all sectors,” said Alex Pilar, Chief Information Officer DHL Supply Chain. “Improving the ability to synchronize and optimize productivity in the warehouse and the workforce will enable DHL to continue to lead the way in meeting the increasingly complex global supply chain challenges our customers face every day.”

Accuracy and reliability of supply across the globe is of critical importance to customers from all industry sectors and DHL develops specific logistics solutions to meet individual needs of the industries. Using leading-edge WMS and WFM tools helps DHL to design optimized supply chains and inventory holding systems which ultimately supports customers in improving their market position.

RedPrairie is proud to continue to expand its business relationship with the most respected logistics services provider in the world,” said RedPrairie President, International Martin Hiscox. “With the world’s largest logistics network, DHL Supply Chain will be able to continue to take the lead in providing the highest levels of visibility and collaboration throughout its customers’ global supply chains using RedPrairie’s WMS and WFM solutions.”


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