DHL simplifies the receipt of parcels

  • New website integrates dispatch and delivery services
  • Customers can now decide when, where and how they want to receive their parcels

DHL1251Bonn, 04/16/2012, 11:00 AM CEST – Customers can choose their home address, business address or one of the 2,500 DHL Packstations or even a pre-arranged storage location in Germany.

In mid-March, the leading parcel service provider in Germany, DHL Paket, bundled all its services for private recipients and senders at With this platform DHL Paket offers customers a “control cockpit” for all DHL parcels.

As part of this service, DHL Paket automatically informs registered customers through about the current status of their DHL parcels and sends an SMS or e-mail notification of the expected delivery date for any parcels being sent to a postal address. With the simple click of a mouse, customers using the new portal can also conveniently set the date they want to personally take delivery of their parcel or designate another location where their parcel should be deposited or another recipient to whom it should be delivered.




In this connection, customers can choose their home address, business address or one of the 2,500 DHL Packstations or even a pre-arranged storage location in Germany. At it is even possible for the first time to conveniently specify online the desired delivery address for one’s parcel and, at the same time, designate a substitute recipient in the event that one is personally unable to take delivery. Notification regarding delivery of the parcel to the specified address will be sent by e-mail or SMS in the future, as with deliveries to a DHL Packstation.

Full transparency and control

“Parcel receipt that is tailored to the customer’s wishes will increasingly be a success factor in e-commerce in the future. With we are giving parcel recipients full transparency and control over the delivery of their parcels and in the process have created a new level of service in the parcel segment,” said Andrej Busch, CEO of DHL Paket Deutschland, underscoring the advantages offered by the new service.

For parcel delivery providers, constantly growing online sales mean not only a new delivery quantity; they also require a new quality in the logistics systems involved. A number of private customers already receive one or more parcels every two or three days. Organizing delivery to be simple, efficient and in keeping with the customer’s wishes requires greater flexibility, transparency and ways to influence the delivery process.

With, DHL Paket Deutschland is implementing precisely these demands and offers private customers a central point of access to all DHL parcel services 24/7. Mailers also profit from because they can import personal address books and directly access Online Franking.


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