DHL launches own online shopping portal

  • Already at the start approximately 600 retailers registered at
  • DHL Paket trusted partner for shopping via Internet

Bonn, 10/26/2010, 10:00 AM CEST


Zoom offers a transparent, secure and easy-to-use platform for retailers and customers alike.

Starting now, DHL Paket is the first parcel delivery service in Germany to launch its own online shopping portal, adding a completely new business area to the existing range of parcel services. With, DHL mainly addresses the needs of small and medium-sized retailers in Germany and offers them an additional channel to attractively place products in the Internet in order to boost sales. For example, provides the option of individual shop-in-shop integration.

“For retailers and manufacturers to consistently achieve success in the market, there is no way around Internet sale,” emphasizes Ingo Bohlken, CEO DHL Parcel Germany: “With, we offer even more reach to both our business customers, who can access 17,000 retail outlets and points of sales across Germany, and our 1.5 million Packstation customers. The new service also demonstrates that we consistently follow our company strategy of giving the best possible support to our customers.”

Comprehensive service für partners in Germany links online shops from the technology, living, fashion, hobbies and lifestyle sectors. Following registration, users can access the shopping portal through a single login managed by DHL. This is the only site where a shopper’s data are stored, which meets online shoppers’ increasing security needs. What is more, the retailers can easily place and sell their goods at fair conditions. DHL Paket offers shopping portal partners in Germany a comprehensive service – ranging from the complete management and billing to an insurance against shortfalls in payment. Additionally, the items offered are presented in a high-value and attractive environment with many editorial contents, such as test and trend reports. This feature is designed to help approach new target groups, including consumers of more than 50 years of age who are less Internet-savvy, and offer an incentive for additional and impulse buying.

Personal data are protected

In a first phase, bundles the product and service offerings of approximately 600 retailers from various business areas. Next to this variety and the added value provided by the additional editorial information, puts a special focus on the aspect of security for both the retailers and the shoppers. To further strengthen security, the online platform offers a centrally managed checkout module that enables the customers to pay all their purchases in one go either by credit card, via debit note or cash on delivery at the DHL portal. The advantage is that personal data are protected and the complete process is integrated in the MeinPaket account. With this procedure, DHL once again provides a high degree of data security and simplifies the shopping process.

“For consumers, the flood of online shops is becoming more and more confusing, and often there is also a sense of insecurity regarding the trustworthiness of vendors. To meet this concern and as a reliable partner of both sides for many years, we now offer a safe solution that makes buying in various shops possible with only one registration,” says Bohlken. This implies that online shoppers can also use the whole range of functions which DHL customers have come to know and appreciate: track and trace by mouse click, the delivery of a shipment to one of the 2,500 Packstations, convenient online returns solutions, etc.

Access to the platform is available to both full-range and niche suppliers in Germany. As is common practice for other platforms as well, DHL Paket charges the retailer a transaction fee that is very transparent and moderate at four to eight percent of the selling price. Added to this is a one-time fee of EUR 20 for the registration of the shop in the portal. However, DHL explicitly does not regard itself as competing with amazon or eBay and will continue the close strategic partnership with the two companies in the future.


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