DHL Express and Southern Air sign new multi-year agreement, adding three new Boeing 777 freighters to DHL fleet

  • Round-the-world flight provides next-day service from Hong Kong to Americas; shortens delivery time to much of the Middle East
  • Southern Air delivers reliable, environmentally efficient air cargo solution

Bonn, 09/07/2011, 04:30 PM CEST

Boeing 777

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The Boeing 777s are the largest, most capable twin-engine freighters in the world.

DHL is adding three Boeing 777 freighters that will expand its capacity and boost transit times along key growing trade routes between the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. DHL has signed an air service agreement with Southern Air Holdings, Inc. to operate the new 777 freighters, the most fuel-efficient aircraft of its kind.

The first 777F, which began service on August 15, will connect DHL hubs in Cincinnati (CVG), Bahrain (BAH) and Hong Kong (HK), moving around the world with each operation. The 777 freighter is expected to burn around 20 to 25 percent less fuel and has a superior max payload range1 on this routing, allowing more markets to be served non-stop, thereby facilitating faster delivery. DHL already has eight other 777Fs in its fleet. The continued upgrade to more efficient aircraft is in keeping with the company’s commitment to increase its carbon efficiency by 30 percent in 2020.

Later pick up times for next day deliveries

Charlie Dobbie, EVP Global Network Operations DHL Express said: “The agreement with Southern Air is another important building block to further upgrade our international air express network. With this additional new round the world service , our customers have the benefit of later pick up times for next day deliveries in the US, Canada and wider areas in the Americas region. Additionally, for the express services from Canada, Latin America and USA provided through our hub in Cincinnati to the Middle East via Bahrain, we are able to shorten transit times considerably,  by as much as one full day. This is a significant advantage for our customers from the oil and gas, technology and communications industries.”

“The Boeing 777s are the largest, most capable twin-engine freighters in the world, and we are thrilled to be flying these premium aircraft on DHL’s behalf,” said Southern Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel J. McHugh. “Southern Air has seen tremendous growth over the past two years and has continued to enhance its fleet and air cargo capabilities. Southern Air strives to provide its growing, blue-chip client base with reliable, efficient, flexible solutions that best suit their needs.”

Southern Air will operate a total of four 777 Freighters

Under the new agreement, Southern Air will operate three Boeing 777 Freighters on behalf of DHL Express. The 777 Freighter that has begun service for DHL Express is one of two 777s that Southern Air currently flies. Southern Air expects to take delivery of an additional two 777s earmarked for DHL Express’ use in March-April 2012 and then introduce them into the DHL network.

The addition of these new 777 Freighters is part of Southern Air’s commitment to providing customers with optimal air cargo solutions in an environmentally responsible way. With the new planes, Southern Air will operate a total of four 777 Freighters and is actively looking to add more 777 Freighters to its fleet. The 777s complement Southern Air’s fleet of 11 747-200s.

For DHL Express, the expansion of its network through the introduction of these new aircraft is part of its ongoing commitment to expand its global capabilities and improve its customer service through a significant investment program into infrastructure, its employees and its brand. The company has also embarked on an internal Certified International Specialist (CIS) program to accredit 100,000 employees around the world, aimed at increasing employees’ expertise to help our customers grow their business internationally. The International Express Specialist advertising campaign launched in May highlights their “know how” and will roll out in over 40 markets, including the Americas, later this year.

The B777 is more fuel efficient and therefore can maintain its payload capacity for a longer flight time compared to the B747. This results in less fuel burned per ton of cargo carried and makes more direct links possible.


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