DHL announces new packaging solution for technology goods

  • DHL Secure Box with computer-based locking mechanism
  • Safety along the entire supply chain

Bonn, 11/14/2011, 10:00 AM CET

Secure box

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After the box is filled with the goods, it is connected to a computer for locking and then transported to its destination.

DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, has developed the DHL Secure Box, a new system for the transportation of high value goods, designed specifically for technology customers. Thanks to the robust packing and the computer-based locking mechanism customers can now transport their goods with added security. Additionally, the box can only be opened by the consignee. The system has been developed by Agheera, a subsidiary of DHL Solutions & Innovations (DSI).

“For the safe transportation of goods worldwide, intelligent and easy-to-handle solutions are required. This is where the system of the Secure Box comes in. In contrast to conventional cardboard packaging, the airworthy Secure Box ensures protection against misuse, manipulation, and damage. This box is particularly useful for our Technology Sector customers, whose products tend to be of high value. The innovation is also convenient for the transportation of sensitive products, such as prototypes,” says Scott Allison Global Sector Head, Technology, about the market introduction.

Complex supply chain requirements

As the robust box protects against damage to the contents, the insurance costs for the goods are considerably low. The new security system consists of various components, including the physical protection of the goods through special packaging. Customers can access information about the security status of the box and the shipment’s delivery status. After the box is filled with the goods, it is connected to a computer for locking and then transported to its destination. Once there, the container is again connected to a computer to unlock the security mechanism by entering a code.

The Technology Sector, which includes customers in the telecommunications industry, consumer electronics and information technology, is a dynamic industry with complex supply chain requirements, which DHL addresses with its new solution. With its extensive experience in this sector and cost-effective and flexible solutions along the entire supply chain, DHL provides companies easy access to global markets and ensures that the customers retain complete control over their supply chain. Close cooperation between DHL and its customers in the technology market is continuously driving this process forward.


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