Deutsche Post DHL encourages employee volunteerism around the world

  • First Group-wide Volunteer Day 2011
  • Over 50,000 volunteers in more than 600 projects worldwide

Bonn, 09/01/2011, 11:00 AM CEST

Volunteer Day in Singapore 2010

DHL employees engaged in social projects in Singapore in 2010.


For the first time, Deutsche Post DHL is calling on its employees, customers and business partners around the world to take part in this year’s ‘Global Volunteer Day’. Following the success of past years in which mainly employees in the Asia Pacific region helped to support local community projects, the Group is now rolling out the volunteer initiative on a global scale.

Activities will focus on the period September 1-10, 2011. During this period but also beyond, employees have the opportunity to get involved in such charitable projects as helping children, young people and the elderly, renovating or cleaning schools and community centers, and carrying out environmental projects. Over 50,000 employees in more than 600 projects will take part in ‘Global Volunteer Day’ this year. The goal is to have about 25 percent of the nearly 470,000 employees of the company around the world participate in ‘Global Volunteer Day’ over the mid-term.

An enormous amount of potential skills

“Nearly half a million people work for Deutsche Post DHL in more than 220 countries and territories. That’s an enormous amount of potential skills and energy that we want to use to make a positive impact on our society. Volunteerism is an important component in modern societies, and as a global company we want to make a difference,” says Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL. “The volunteer work our employees perform throughout the year is very impressive, but with the new focus on our Global Volunteer Day, we can generate an even stronger sense of community among all those involved,” adds Appel.

This year, ‘Global Volunteer Day’ activities are being coordinated across the Group in order to provide a common platform for all projects. In each country, the DHL divisions individually choose projects for Global Volunteer Day to carry out starting in September. The projects include such activities as renovating school buildings in South Africa, planting trees for reforestation in Serbia, transporting school supplies and donating blood. ‘Global Volunteer Day’ encourages efforts that respond to local needs and make use of beneficial partnerships with local organizations. Moreover, customers and business partners are also invited to be a part of the activities.


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