DB Schenker Rail to operate “Bosporus Shuttle” starting in September

Germany and Turkey to be linked by up to five pairs of trains per week • European network will ensure highly reliable transports

DBSCHENKER125Munich/Mainz, June 6, 2013 – Starting in September 2013, DB Schenker Rail will be offering a new service known as the “Bosporus Shuttle” with three pairs of trains between Germany and Turkey each week. This number will later be increased to five pairs of trains. The new service will strengthen the existing offer between Western Europe and destinations in Turkey. DB Schenker Rail Bulgaria will transfer the trains directly to the Turkish State Railways.

“We are able to offer this service to our customers thanks to DB Schenker Rail’s powerful European network. The high reliability of the transports is guaranteed because we have control over production quality in the region with our companies and are able to offer end-to-end corridor management,” said Dr. Alexander Hedderich, CEO of DB Schenker Rail, on the occasion of the “transport logistic” trade fair in Munich on Wednesday.

The trains need a total of five days to cover the over 2,000-kilometer route which passes through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The final destination is Halkali (Istanbul). Both containers and conventional carloads can be transported in the train system.

DB Schenker Rail has companies, affiliated companies and partnerships in 15 European countries.

You will find all details of DB Schenker press contact persons at: www.dbschenker.com/presse.

SOURCE: Submitted by DB Schenker

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