CEVA in Italy wins the ‘Logistics company of the year award’ for 2010

CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain companies, has won the ‘Logistics company of the year award 2010’ for its innovative City of Books, a cutting-edge project that is unique in Europe, and dedicated to the publishing sector.

The prize, now at its 6th edition, is awarded annually by Assologistica, the national association for logistics in partnership with leading trade magazine, Euromerci. The prestigious award is the only public recognition awarded by a national association to operators in the logistics sector, and recognizes companies, managers and academics contributing to the improvement of Italian logistics, actively playing a part in research, innovation, training, internationalization and transport.

Carlo Rosa, Managing Director for CEVA in Italy, commented: “We are extremely proud that Assologistica has once again chosen to present this award to CEVA. It is particularly important as it recognizes our City of Books project, an important investment in the Italian logistics and publishing industries, offering customers a cutting-edge center of excellence. The warehouse provides a strategic solution, coupled with and innovative distribution process, with consequent advantages for publishers, who can now respond efficiently to market fluctuations, and final customers, who benefit from a punctual and efficient service.”

The City of Books is a highly-evolved solution for the efficient processing of logistics activities in the publishing sector. The warehouse, located at Stradella, near Pavia in northern Italy, was inaugurated on 18 October 2010. Through the centralization of the activities of different publishers in a single platform, the logistics center allows simplified product flows and a reduction in associated costs. Every year, over 90 million books will be processed in the City of Books; this accounts to over half the books read in Italy each year. Customers include RCS Libri, Messaggerie Libri and Pearson.

The prestigious award was presented at the ’Competitiveness of the Italian air cargo system’ congress held on 12 November at Malpensa airport near Milan. Renato Mannheimer, President of Ispo (Institute for Studies of Public Opinion), opened the proceedings by presenting the results of the Cargo activity: evaluations and expectations survey conducted with the stakeholders.

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