775,000 safety vests for first-time school kids

Deutsche Post, ADAC and the “Bild” newspaper join forces to make the streets safer for new school goers

Bonn, 09/28/2011, 12:00 PM CEST

Deutsche Post mail carrier


Our mail carriers are very familiar with the hazards on the road.

Once again this year, Deutsche Post is partnering with ADAC’s “Gelber Engel”(Yellow Angels) foundation along with the BILD’s relief organization “Ein Herz für Kinder” (A Heart for Children) and will handle the complete logistics for the safety vest project. As part of this joint project, roughly 775,000 first-time school kids all across Germany will be provided with safety vests. This initiative continues to strengthen Deutsche Post’s long-standing commitment to road safety and provides the youngest and least experienced out on Germany’s roads with an added measure of attention and safety support.

Deutsche Post is not only one of Germany’s largest employers, but also operator of Germany’s largest civilian vehicle fleet. With the help of approximately 40,000 motor vehicles and 17,000 bicycles, Deutsche Post transports 66 million letters and more than 2.6 million parcels on Germany’s roads and highways. The company’s day-in and day-out presence on the road – and the great responsibility that goes along with this – have made Deutsche Post keenly aware of the risks to children and children’s dependence on the care and attention of adult drivers.

Guarantee smooth and seamless execution

As part of the cooperation with the ADAC foundation “Gelber Engel” and the BILD relief organization “Ein Herz für Kinder”, Deutsche Post and its DHL divisions are handling the complete logistics for the project. This includes delivery of the containers from Asia to the port of Hamburg, customs processing, packaging of 40,000 parcels and final delivery to 18,000 schools. In this way, Deutsche Post and DHL combine forces to guarantee smooth and seamless execution.

Jürgen Gerdes, Deutsche Post DHL’s MAIL Board Member, described Deutsche Post’s involvement as follows:  “Our letter and parcel carriers are out on the road every day and are very familiar with the hazards, especially the danger to children. For this reason we are very pleased that we can continue this proven partnership with ADAC and ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’ “.

As with Deutsche Post’s GOGREEN products, the entire transport of the safety vests was CO2-neutral. All CO2-emissions resulting from the transport were recorded and compensated for by various climate protections projects.



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