Ziegler Nederland is Green Leader and Receives a Lean and Green Award

ZIEGLER125Ziegler Nederland belongs to the ‘green’ leaders of companies who have received a Lean and Green Award for their sustainable logistics. Within a period of five years Ziegler Nederland will reduce the CO2 emission by at least 20%.

Looking ahead, taking social responsibility and actively contribute to a cleaner environment, are the spearheads of this important program.

The green steps which Ziegler Nederland will take, shall include:
• More sea instead of road transport;
• More rail instead of road transport;
• To combine efficiently the transportation from bases;
• To increase the load factor;
• To replace current lighting by LED lighting and installing motion sensors.

Willem Lodder, Managing Director of Ziegler Nederland emphasizes the importance of Lean and Green network, “Durability is not an ideal but a must. The Lean and Green Award inspires Ziegler Nederland to continue giving attention to sustainable green logistics. We invest in our future!”

SOURCE: Submitted by Ziegler Nederland

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