UPS Supports Movement of Trade Deals by Congress

Davis Discusses Importance to the Economy, Job Creation Of Seeing the U.S. Trade Agenda Progress

UPS (NYSE: UPS) applauds the White House and congressional leaders for pushing for votes, starting with today’s Senate Finance Committee hearing, on three long-delayed free trade agreements and reaching a compromise on the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

“Robust trade will help our economy move forward faster than any other vehicle and create new opportunities for American businesses to grow and add employees,” said UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis. “Yesterday, I met with government, civic and business leaders from around the country at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Meeting and I can tell you that passing the trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama was at the top of the agenda for us.

“With the EU-South Korea and the Canada-Colombia trade agreements both coming online this summer, it is imperative that the United States pass its own trade pacts if we want to stay at the top in global competiveness and provide opportunities for American businesses to thrive.

“As we begin to dig out of a recession, American businesses need every advantage,” Davis concluded. “We urge Congress and the administration to do what is best for the country by moving both the trade agreements and TAA over the finish line.”

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