TNT: Announcement conversion rate final dividend 2011

TNT1251Amsterdam, 3 May 2012 – On 11 April 2012, the Annual General Meeting established the final dividend over 2011 at € 0.004 per ordinary share. The final dividend is payable, at the shareholder’s election, either wholly in ordinary shares or wholly in cash.

Shareholders who elected a final dividend in shares will receive one new TNT Express N.V. ordinary share for every 2,225 dividend rights. This represents a value of € 0.004120 per dividend right which is 3.01% above the value of the cash dividend. The conversion rate has been based on the volume-weighted average share price of € 9.1678 for all TNT Express N.V. shares traded on NYSE Euronext by Euronext Amsterdam over a three trading day period from 27 April up to and including 2 May 2012.

29% of outstanding capital has elected for dividend to be paid in shares, which results in approximately 70,000 new ordinary shares being issued as stock dividend. To the extent that the dividend is paid in shares, it will be paid free of withholding tax and it will be sourced from the additional paid-in capital that is recognised for Dutch dividend withholding tax purposes. The cash dividend will be paid out of the remaining additional paid-in capital.

The dividend will be payable as from 7 May 2012.

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