Size Does Matter: Wing Reveils New Delivery Drones

Dimitry Vleugel
Dimitry Vleugel

Sometimes size does matter. In the case of package deliveries by drones, size definitely matters. That is why drone delivery company WING presented various new prototypes of their drone.

A Drone for Every Package

Drone delivery is really taking off in some areas around the world. Wing announced that they just completed 250.000 deliveries of packages by drones. Those packages were delivered in Finland, Australia and the US, where Wing delivers pharmaceuticals to remote areas.

Wing unveiled a new series of drones to ramp up the number of deliveries. These vehicles use the same components as the current one but differ in size.

Wing shows a variety of drones in different sizes and different capacities when it comes to the amount of weight they can carry.

The biggest one can transport up to 7 pounds (3.5 kg), and a smaller drone can deliver packages up to 0.6 pounds (300 grams). The flagship drone is one which can handle 2.5 pounds ( 1.25 kg). You may ask yourself, why have so many different-sized drones? There is a good reason for that.

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Recently an Amazon executive said that up to 90% of the deliveries are packages weighing five pounds (2.5 kg) or less. According to the philosophy, one should adapt the drone’s size to the weight of the package to be efficient, which makes sense.

The drones presented by Wing are prototypes, and the company did not disclose any date on when these will be operational.

What is Wing, and How Does it Work 

Wing is part of the Google parent Alphabet. The company wants to deliver packages by drone wherever you are and whenever you need it. The website claims that transporting your package by air is faster and more eco-friendly.

Wing operates in three areas, and people can download the app to scroll through the businesses offering transport by Wing. The businesses offering delivery by drone have a container beside their shop or warehouse. When an order is placed, an employee will take your order and put it in the carton package under the drone. After securing the package, the best route is chosen, and the order is flown to the customer. Last year Wing announced it had made 100,000 successful deliveries.

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