SCALA helps Toyota Material Handling towards supply chain excellence

Logistics and the supply chain process thrive on collaboration and now two leading companies have teamed up to promote excellence in these fields.

Toyota Material Handling, the world’s foremost name in materials handling solutions, is partnering with SCALA’S Fresh Connection in order to enhance the performance and organisation of customer supply chains.

The company is investing in training through SCALA’s Fresh Connection programme to give its staff awareness of wider supply chain strategy and help them better understand the needs of their customers, a fundamental aspect of its philosophy.

Toyota has also pledged to be the headline sponsor for SCALA’s Fresh Connection challenge. This business competition, which was last year won by Mars, promotes learning through experience by presenting real-life business scenarios that build awareness of supply chain strategy and teamwork.

Each competing company puts in a team of four Directors, responsible for Operations, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Sales, who take strategic and tactical decisions to improve the performance and ROI of a fictional business. Companies can take part in one of the two-day competitions taking place on a range of dates across the UK, or online over 12 weeks to a fixed schedule. 

John Perry, SCALA Managing Director, commented: “Toyota Material Handling will be a great addition to SCALA’s Fresh Connection for 2012. It’s fantastic to see an industry service provider take interest in supply chain and logistics investment. SCALA’s Fresh Connection Competition is set to be the biggest turn out yet with more and more companies seeing the value in company investment.”

Although primarily known for supplying forklifts, Toyota Material Handling also offers equipment products, national service support, short and long-term rental solutions, fleet management and safety training. Sponsoring SCALA’s Fresh Connection will give the company an innovative platform to promote its wider range of products and services.

Tony Wallis, Operations Director at Toyota Material Handling UK, says: “At Toyota we are dedicated to working with companies who share best practice and strive for excellence in the supply chain industry. Our association with SCALA is another step forward in our commitment to support the logistics and supply chain industry with a recognised leader in this field.”

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SOURCE: Submitted by SCALA

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