PostNL: Visits to foreign webshops doubled

Dutch consumers love online shopping abroad

POSTNL125In comparison with 2011, the number of consumers purchasing products at foreign webshops has doubled. This emerging form of online shopping is particularly popular among large-city residents, men and youngsters. The findings of this PostNL study also show why online shopping abroad has become so popular, and the major reasons are mentioned: the price difference (69%), wider assortment (46%) and the special products that can be purchased abroad (43%). PostNL is performing the study into online shopping in 2012 on the occasion of the start of the Lucky Dip Days, a national campaign to reward online shoppers and stress the convenience of online shopping.

According to the study findings, the average consumer mainly looks around online, also when deciding to buy a product at the shop floor. Especially electronics (56%) and purchases for inside and outside the home (44%) are widely looked at and compared online. More than 25% of the Dutch consumers consider the convenience of looking at and comparing products one of the major benefits of online shopping.

Experience of users and social media increasingly important
“We have found that the benefits of online shopping are winning ground,” says Chris Leferink of PostNL Parcels. “The social aspect and tangibility of products in shops are still reasons to buy products offline, but these are getting less important in comparison with previous years. The emergence of shared user experiences on the web, quality and price comparisons, and social media definitely have an impact on this, as our study has shown.”

Culture, holidays and entertainment most popular online
The study among 1,051 Dutch consumers revealed that especially tickets for concerts and performances, holidays and entertainment products were relatively often bought online. The top 10 of the most popular online purchases is provided below.

  1. Tickets for concerts and performances (66%)
  2. Holiday and airline tickets (65%)
  3. CDs and DVDs (50%)
  4. Sex items (47%)
  5. Games (44%)
  6. Books (42%)
  7. Financial services (34%)
  8. Electronic products (22%)
  9. Clothes (17%)
  10. Toys (15%)

Online shoppers are rewarded
To reward online shoppers and stress the convenience of online shopping, PostNL organised the Lucky Dip Days, which started on 15 October. As from this date, all online shoppers can use the 3S bar code of their parcel on and definitely win a prize.

About PostNL
PostNL processes 8.7 billion addressed postal items (including 106 million parcels) each year and delivers to addresses in the Benelux, Germany, the UK and Italy. PostNL’s main business is mail, parcels and e-commerce. The company also provides services in the area of data and document management, direct marketing and fulfilment. PostNL employs some 65,500 people. In 2011 the company generated a turnover of nearly 4.3 billion euros.

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