Postal rates for 2013 approved

The three-cent increase is the first price adjustment for a standard letter in 15 years

DHL1251Bonn, 10/01/2012, 11:30 AM CEST – The adjustment is designed to preserve the high quality of national postal services in Germany.

The German government agency that oversees postal regulations announced today that it had approved Deutsche Post’s request for an adjustment in postage rates for 2013. As a result of the decision by the Federal Network Agency, the price for a standard domestic letter weighing up to 20 grams will rise from EUR0.55 today to EUR0.58 on January 1, 2013. Following the last rate change in 1997 and a rate reduction in 2003, this represents the first time in 15 years that postal rates are rising. The adjustment was necessary due to general cost trends and is designed to preserve the high quality of national postal services in Germany and to secure well-paid jobs that provide good benefits in the future.

In addition, rates for the domestic Maxibrief (up to 1,000 grams) will rise from EUR2.20 to EUR2.40. The price of the Kompaktbrief, the Großbrief and postcards will remain the same. The increase was approved on the basis of a legally regulated procedure for the pricing of selected mail products.

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The price for a standard international letter will remain unchanged

For international mail, the price of a Kompaktbrief weighing up to 50 grams will rise from EUR1.45 to EUR1.50. But the price for a standard international letter weighing up to 20 grams will remain unchanged, just as it will for the Großbrief, the Maxibrief and postcards sent outside Germany. The per-letter rate for international mail sent at the so-called kilo-rate will rise from EUR0.51 to EUR0.54. Rates will also increase for two infrequently used services offered to international mail customers: cash-on-delivery and express mailings.

An overview of the rates of the most important mail products and special services is enclosed with this press release.

Current stamps may be used until the new rates take effect. For any remaining unused stamp stocks, supplemental stamps will be available at Deutsche Post retail outlets and online. This will allow stamp stocks to be used even after January 1, 2013. It will not be necessary to exchange them. Stamps bearing the new rate will be available beginning in December throughout Germany from the approximately 13,000 Deutsche Post retail outlets, 7,000 sales points, 20,000 mail carriers offering supplemental postal services and online at

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