NASCAR Gives UPS the Green Flag in 2013

The Official Logistics Provider of NASCAR Introduces Environmental Enhancements to Its Trackside Pick-up and Delivery Operations

UPS125Atlanta, February 20, 2013 – NASCAR gives UPS (NYSE: UPS) the green flag in sustainability as it upgrades its Trackside Services operation for the 2013 racing season. This “best practice” aims to reduce environmental impacts and create a model for other racing teams and sponsors to leverage in their own sustainability efforts by reducing emissions and optimizing power generation with state-of-the-art solar power.

UPS became an official NASCAR partner in 2000 and has provided critical behind-the-scenes pick-up and delivery services for race teams, sponsors, racing officials, vendors and news media at NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events across the country. Throughout the 2012 season, UPS began developing plans to further reduce the environmental impact of its Trackside Services operation that serve as an example of improved efficiency to drive superior environmental performance throughout the sport.

Beginning with this season’s opening events at Daytona International Speedway, UPS Trackside Services will operate with a truck equipped with a diesel exhaust fluid (D.E.F.) system used to reduce exhaust particulate matter. Additionally, the service trailer has been outfitted with high-tech, state-of-the-art solar panels, designed and installed by Suniva to help supplement sustainable energy needed to run the operation. The mobile unit features a photovoltaic (PV) powered system with a large array of battery power, which also provides for a generator and access to shore power.

“NASCAR has stated its commitment to making the sport more environmentally responsible and as an official NASCAR partner, UPS is equally committed to this important goal,” said Ron Rogowski, UPS vice president, global brand and sponsorships. “UPS is leveraging its knowledge of alternative fuel and advanced fleet technology, renewable energy and carbon mitigation to reduce our carbon impact at sports venues.”

One of the most recognized tools for the UPS Trackside Services team is a miniature UPS package car that makes pick-ups and deliveries for customers throughout the race weekend. This year, the mini car is a battery powered electric cart that is also outfitted with Suniva solar panels to serve as an additional source of power. These upgrades, which allow for an additional five miles a day of travel and deliveries around the track, will be visible to fans and promote UPS’s commitment to sustainability.

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, UPS also will continue to provide its NASCAR customers the ability to offset the climate impact of the CO2 emissions that result from their shipments through the company’s popular carbon neutral shipping service. These offsets have been applied to carbon offset projects such as the Garcia River Forest in California. By working with globally recognized certification and validation groups, UPS is helping its customers around the world meet their own sustainability goals in meaningful ways.

“UPS is always looking for new ways to apply our sustainability-focused expertise and experience to everything we do, including our sponsorship programs,” stated Rogowski. “Logistics is more than our core business. It’s also the engine that drives our contributions to a more sustainable world.”

“NASCAR Green has become one of the most influential environmental awareness platforms in the history of the US since its inception in 2008,” said Mike Lynch, NASCAR managing director of green innovation. “NASCAR’s millions of fans are now 100% more likely than nonfans to view their household as very green and always looking for ways to positively impact the environment, up from 70% more likely in 2011. A major reason for this unprecedented impact has been the efforts of partners like UPS in reducing our sport’s environmental impact by transferring solutions from their core business.”

About UPS
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