Müller Dairy returns to fight its corner at SCALA’s Fresh Connection

The excitement is building in the business world as Müller Dairy becomes the latest company to sign up for SCALA’s Fresh Connection as a returning competitor.

Muller Dairy, the UK’s leading yoghurt and dessert company, entered a team last year and were so impressed with the key business lessons learned from competing in SCALA’s Fresh Connection that the company has now signed up for the 2012 training programme.

Kevin Williams, Supply Chain Director for Müller Dairy, says: “SCALA’s Fresh Connection demonstrated to our team the value of collaborative relationships in the supply chain to drive successful commercial performance. The experience illustrated the significance of aligning supply chain objectives to a shared strategic vision by balancing critical business tradeoffs and managing supply chain risk through calculated decision making.”

The competition is an invaluable business training opportunity, offering real benefits to companies taking part. By working as a team on real-life supply chain scenarios in a simulated business environment, the Müller Dairy team members were able to gain insights into different roles and perspectives.

The benefits they have taken back into the workplace include: better communication between different areas of the business and an alignment of their objectives; an understanding of the significance of flexibility in the supply chain; experience of risk management and taking calculated decisions; and the importance of reading between the lines and avoiding unnecessary detail.

The Müller Dairy team enjoyed the challenge of the game as well as the chance to develop new skills.

Joanne Knott, Müller Dairy, says: “SCALA’s Fresh Connection was an excellent and inspiring experience. Müller Dairy enjoyed the competition as it provided an insight into the thinking of different perspectives and functions within the business.”

Müller Dairy will be facing high-profile opponents such as Mars, winner of The Fresh Connection 2011, as well as last year’s runner up La Palette Rouge, supermarket giant Asda and headline sponsor Toyta Material Handling.

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