“K” Line announce Change of Executive Officers

KLINE125Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) has decided in a board meeting held today on changes of Executive Officers.

1.  Change of Executive Officers

(1) Retirement as of March 31, 2013

Present PositionNameScheduled New Position
Executive OfficerTakashi YamaguchiWill assume President of “K” Line (Japan) Ltd.
Executive OfficerMitsuru KochiWill assume President of Nitto Total Logistics, Ltd. on June 2013 subject to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

(2) New Appointment as of April 1, 2013

New  PositionNamePresent Position
Managing Executive OfficerTsuyoshi YamauchiManaging Director of Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd.
Executive OfficerYutaka NakagawaPresident of Kawasaki (Australia) Pty., Ltd.
Executive OfficerAkira MisakiGeneral Manager, LNG Group

2. Promotion of Executive Officers as of April 1, 2013

New  PositionNamePresent Position
Senior Managing Executive OfficerKazutaka ImaizumiManaging Executive Officer
Managing Executive OfficerEiji KadonoExecutive Officer
Managing Executive OfficerKazuhiko HarigaiExecutive Officer
Managing Executive OfficerShunichi ArisakaExecutive Officer

Please see the attached list of responsibilities of Executive Officers scheduled on and after April 1, 2013.

For further details, please contact:

Makoto Arai,

General Manager, IR & PR Group

Tel: +81-3-3595-5189   Fax: +81-3-3595-5001

Attachment: The responsibilities of Executive Officers on and after April 1, 2013

President & CEOJiro Asakura
Vice President Executive OfficerTakashi SaekiAssistant to CEO
Senior Managing Executive OfficerEizo MurakamiContainerships Sector, Port Business, Car Carrier Sector, Information System
Senior Managing Executive OfficerKeisuke YoshidaIR & PR, Finance, Corporate Planning, Logistics, Business Promotion,
Senior Managing Executive OfficerTakashi TorizumiGeneral Affairs, Legal, Human Resources, Accounting, CSR & Compliance
Senior Managing Executive OfficerMasami SasakiMarine Sector, Technical, Environment, Fuel Cost Control
Senior Managing Executive OfficerKazutaka ImaizumiDrybulk Sector, India/ASEAN Multi-Transport & Logistics Development
Managing Executive OfficerToshiyuki SuzukiLegal, IR & PR, Corporate Planning, Research, Logistics, Business Promotion ,Information System
Managing Executive OfficerHiromichi AokiEnergy Transportation Sector
Managing Executive OfficerYoshiyuki AokiCar Carrier Sector
Managing Executive OfficerEiji KadonoMarine Sector, Fuel Cost Control, Environment
Managing Executive OfficerKazuhiko HarigaiBulk Carrier Business, Thermal Coal, Woodchip and Pulp Carrier Business
Managing Executive OfficerShunichi ArisakaTechnical, Environment, Fuel Cost Control
Managing Executive OfficerTsuyoshi YamauchiGeneral Affairs, Finance, CSR & Compliance
Executive OfficerAtsuo AsanoCoal and Iron Ore Carrier Business, Drybulk Planning
Executive OfficerYukio ToriyamaAccounting, Finance, Internal Audit
Executive OfficerKenji SakamotoCEO of “K” LINE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED
Executive OfficerYukikazu MyochinContainerships Business, Port Business
Executive OfficerKazuhiro MatsukawaPresident of “K” LINE AMERICA, INC.
Executive OfficerYasunari SonobeCar Carrier Sector
Executive OfficerYutaka NakagawaHuman Resources, Business Promotion
Executive OfficerAkira MisakiEnergy Transportation Sector. General Manager of LNG Group



















SOURCE: Submitted by ISIS Communications

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