iMemories and The UPS Store Preserve Home Videos and Family Photos

Scottsdale, May 09, 2011

Two Companies Join Forces to Service Growing Market for Personal Media Digital Preservation

iMemories, the premier web destination for digitizing, storing and sharing personal videos and photos, today announced a relationship with The UPS Store® retail network.

This solution provides customers a safe and convenient way to pack and ship their home movies, photos and other aging media in order to be restored and preserved digitally. The UPS Store network’s certified packing experts can pack and ship these treasured memories for preservation at iMemories.

The rapid growth in this consumer service market is being fueled by the sheer volume of home movies and photos that exists in abundance across America’s 118 million households, coupled with the growing realization among families that their images won’t last forever if kept in their original formats. The environmental conditions of basements and attics can wreak havoc on home movie films, videotapes and photos, which leads to accelerated loss of image quality. By providing a safe and cost effective service solution for home movie and photo transfers to digital format, and by giving customers a single online platform to convert, share, edit and store their family images from any decade, iMemories has emerged as the leader in this rapidly growing service category.

“The sheer size of the domestic The UPS Store footprint makes it easy for families to drop off old photos and videos. Then we’ll do what we do best – pack it all up and ship it off to iMemories,” said Chris Marocchi, who oversees product innovation for The UPS Store network. “Our franchisees are looking forward to the opportunity to augment the iMemories experience.”

“When it comes to packing and shipping America’s priceless treasures, there is no one more qualified than The UPS Store,” said Mark Rukavina, founder and CEO of iMemories. “We are excited to provide our customers not only the convenience of using The UPS Store, but also the peace of mind that their memories will be handled with expert care. This is a perfect collaboration among two industry leaders that consumers can trust with their valued memories.”

Everything required to safely package home movie films, videotapes, photos, slides and other media is provided at The UPS Store locations. Customers can bring their media to any of the nearly 4,400 The UPS Store centers with the option of having The UPS Store pack their materials for them. As with all UPS shipments, customers can then track the progress of their shipment online. Once a package is received at iMemories’ U.S.-based production facility, each piece of content is given a unique bar code to provide tracking through the restoration and preservation process. Once the media has been digitized, customers can then sort, select and ultimately organize all their memories conveniently online as well as produce personalized archive-grade DVDs.

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