Formula 1™: Fernando Alonso wins DHL Fastest Lap Trophy

Double win for Sebastian Vettel at the 2010 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Bonn, 11/15/2010, 10:45 AM CET

Ken Allen, Chief Executive Officer DHL Express, handing over the  Trophy to DHL Fastest Lap Trophy 2010 winner Fernando Alonso.

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Ken Allen, Chief Executive Officer DHL Express, handing over the Trophy to DHLFastest Lap Trophy 2010 winner Fernando Alonso.

The 2010 Formula One World Championship™ was decided at the very last Grand Prix of the season with a dominant race of Sebastian Vettel, who is now the sports youngest World Champion ever. The winner of the DHL Fastest Lap Award, however, is Fernando Alonso who drove five fastest laps during the season. Pursuer Lewis Hamilton had no chance to catch up with him, as Alonso also holds the highest number of second-fastest laps.

Since 2007, the Formula 1™ Official Logistics Partner DHL has been the official presenter of the Fastest Lap Award, defining a new standard of speed. Ken Allen, Chief Executive Officer DHL Express, who handed over the award to Alonso said: “The fastest lap in a race is always a challenge. This is the result of speed, precision and teamwork. Winning the DHL Fastest Lap Trophy adds continuity and reliability to this. All these attributes found the basis for DHL’s express business as well.”

Alonso succeeds Vettel

Former German F1™ pilot and RLT TV expert Christian Danner congratulated Alonso: “Fernando has driven an incredibly fast season in the Ferrari, which in most races wasn’t the fastest car. He has shown that, all things considered, he is a very strong and most complete driver in the field.”

Within the DHL Fastest Lap Award, Alonso succeeds Sebastian Vettel, the winner of the 2009 DHL Fastest Lap Trophy, and Kimi Räikkönen, who secured the trophy during its first two years. In 2007, the Finnish driver defeated his Ferrari team colleague Felipe Massa with six fastest laps during a neck-and-neck race that was as exciting as this season’s. In 2008, he sailed through with 10 best performances. Last year, Sebastian Vettel secured his triumph at the very last second making the last but one lap his fastest in the championship final at Abu Dhabi and catching up with his Red Bull team colleague Mark Webber on the home stretch.

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