FedEx Testifies about Long-term Value of Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Innovation

FEDEX125May 16, 2012: FedEx Corp. Staff Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability Mitch Jackson testified today before the U.S. Senate on the long-term value of corporate environmental responsibility and innovation.

Speaking before the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Children’s Health and Environmental Responsibility, Mitch Jackson emphasized the corporate Practical Environmentalism philosophy, explaining, “it should be economically viable; it should be aligned with the core strategic business objectives; it should involve and motivate team members, and it should be responsible to the communities in which it operates and serves.” The FedEx EarthSmart program encapsulates these building blocks. 

Representatives from Intel Corporation, GE Power & Water, Procter & Gamble and Eastman Chemical Company also testified, discussing voluntary corporate environmental responsibility efforts to reduce environmental footprints, drive innovation and increase profitability through improving efficiency of water, energy and natural resource use.

Read Mitch Jackson’s testimony and watch the archived hearing by clicking here.

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