This Cargo Drone is a Weightlifting Champion

Dimitry Vleugel
Dimitry Vleugel

Drones are here to stay, and we don’t mean the toys you can buy for your kids. Delivery by drone is the future and is only limited by legislation and capacity. The RH-1-A “Rhaegal” (pronounced “Rye-gull”) shatters a new record when it comes to weightlifting.

Do You Even Lift?

We know drones can deliver goods to our homes, but we know that not all goods can be delivered by drones. The limitation is in the size but mainly in weight. For now, you can receive your medication or a small bag of food. But what if you are living in a remote area and you really need a full-size piano?

The Sabrewing Aircraft Company completed a test with the RH-1-A “Rhaegal” prototype. The test was very simple, how much weight could this new autonomous drone lift from the tarmac?

James Bond would be very happy with this drone

The result was a record-breaking 374 kg payload that was lifted from the platform during a vertical take-off ( like a helicopter). The company assures us that the drone can carry a weight of up to 2000 kg during a conventional take-off from a runway.

Running on Fuel and Electric Power

The Rhaegal aircraft uses a turbo-electric drivetrain based named the Ariel 2E. This engine can use 50% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and turns an electric generator producing nearly 1 megawatt of electric energy, which then powers electric motors in each of the four ducted fans. The company expects the engine to use Hydrogen as fuel in a few years.

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